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Ma Zhengwu Met with Standing Committee Member of Fujian Provincial CPC Committee and Vice Governor of Fujian Province Zhang Zhinan

集团总部     2012-08-14         

On Aug. 7, the Group’s chairman Ma Zhengwu met with the visiting group led by Zhang Zhinan, standing committee member of Fujian provincial CPC committee and vice governor of Fujian province. Ma friendly exchanged ideas with Zhang on how to unroll overall and in-depth strategic cooperation with Fujian provincial government.

Ma first extended his sincere welcome to vice governor Zhang and briefly introduced the Group’s history, strategic goal and advantages of the Group’s main business.

Zhang expressed gratitude towards Ma and made a brief introduction to the economic and social development of Fujian province during the 12th five year period. He invited China Chengtong to make investigations in Fujian and invest in the locality to achieve a win-win development.

Vice president of the Grouop Wang Bin and leaders of relevant secondary companies were present on the meeting.


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