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The Group Held Social Responsibility Symposium

集团总部     2012-08-02         

On July 31, the Group held the Symposium over the report on China Chengtong’s social responsibility in 2011. Five experts from SASAC Research Bureau including director of bureau Peng Huagang, the Group’s chairman Ma Zhengwu, president Hong Shuikun, vice president Wang Bin, Cheng Wu, Li Yousheng and persons in charge of all departments amounting to 27 were present on the symposium.

Pic. I. The Symposium Site

The chief inspector of the Group’s strategic development center Luo Xiaoping reported on the editing procedure and the content of the report. Four experts from China National Institute of Standardization, China WTO Tribune, China National Petroleum Corporation, and Corporate Social Responsibility Research Center of Chinese Academy of Social Science made comments on the objective, structure, content, layout and the rating of the report respectively and raised valuable advices.

Pic. II Experts’Comments

Director Peng Huagang stressed social responsibility report as not only a means of communication for interested parties, but also a comprehensive project that may boost corporate social responsibility and enhance the capability and performance of implementing social responsibility. Editing the report may systematically clarify the corporate social responsibility, behavior standard, and performance efficiency. It may also help to find problems in order to improve the implementation of corporate social responsibility.

Pic. III. Chairman’s Speech.

The Group’s chairman Ma expressed gratitude towards the approval and encouragement of SASAC cadres and experts whose advices were of high standard. Experts’speeches enriched the staff with knowledge on corporate social responsibility and enhanced the recognition of it, which provided a clear approach to report editing for the next step. The Group plans to actively implement corporate social responsibility by starting from the editing and releasing social responsibility report. The report aims not only at present the past, but also at expressing our perspectives. It is not only a presentation of the past, but also a promise to the future. The Group will improve the report according to the advice made by the experts. The report editing will play an effective role for the Group in implementing corporate social responsibilities.


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