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SASAC’s Deputy Director Huang Shuhe Inspected the Group’s Asset Management Projects

集团总部     2012-04-05         

On March 31st, accompanied by the Group’s president Ma Zhengwu, the State Council SASAC deputy director Huang Shuhe inspected Best Eastern Yalong Bay Seabed World Tourism Company. 

It was cloudless on the blue sea. Tourists had been gathering at the company port early in the morning. Huang stepped on the semi-submersible sightseeing ship invested by the company to appreciate the scenery with tourists. Afterwards, Huang inspected the theme park “Sunday at Sea” that was designed and built by the company. He spoke highly of the achievements of the company in reorganization and reform, good quality assets integration, as well as new development platform building after merger with the Group. He also approved of the company in introducing Hong Kong capital market for further development. Huang pointed out that Best Eastern Yalong Bay Seabed World Tourism Company had a very good opportunity for further development under the background that Hainan province headed for an international tourist island. The company should capture this opportunity and stick to the principle of feature-oriented, quality-oriented and brand-name-oriented innovation and development, and make the major business of marine tourism better and stronger.

State Council SASAC Foreign Affairs Bureau deputy director Lu Zhijun, chairman of China Chengtong board of directors Zhang Guotong and chairman of board of directors of Best Eastern Yalong Bay Seabed World Tourism Company Hao Shaoli accompanied the inspection.


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