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The Group’s President Called on Zhongchu to Continue Strategic Implementation

集团总部     2012-03-06         

On March 2nd, the Group’s deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president Hong Shuikun attended the democracy meeting of Zhongchu’s Party and administrative leaders and gave a speech. The meeting was hosted by Zhuchu’s general manager, Zhuchu Stock chairman of board and secretary of Zhuchu Stock Party Committee Han Tielin.

To reinforce the pertinence of democracy construction, Zhuchu’s Party branches held meetings in late February to collect opinions and suggestions of Party members about Party leaders and members. Five suggestions were concluded to hand in for the Party leaders’ and members’ reference before this meeting. Some Party members also exchanged their views before the meeting.

Zhongchu’s Party leaders present the review of last year’s work and compare them with the requirements of “four-good” and the regulation of dedication to the non-Party members and honest leadership. The Party leaders had a self-criticism of what is insufficiently done and exchanged ideas to improve it combining the opinions of non-Party members.

Hong spoke highly of the democracy conducted by Zhuchu’s Party leadership. He pointed out that this meeting is a good start to exchange ideas of Party members and non-Party members that push forward the democracy construction.

Hong stressed, Zhuchu has witnessed 50 years’ development and has been listed for 15 years. The achievements cannot be separated from several generations’ efforts. Faced with a new situation and new challenges before the Party Committee’s 18th conference, Zhuchu Party leaders should make more efforts to realize the goals stated in the 2012 work meeting.

Hong said that Zhuchu’s Party leaders should further deepen strategic recognition, foster a strategic perspective, find out the conflicting factors in development and continuously reinforce implementation. The enterprise should improve an overall perspective, stress coordination and cooperation, as well as enhance implementing capability. The Party leaders should continuously improve their comprehensive capability and combine thoughts and deeds together so as to enhance leadership. At the same time, the enterprise should capture good opportunities and make good use of the stock assets as a breaking point for further development. It should also employ talented people in time to cope with the needs of business development.

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