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The Group’s CSR Report Editing and Release Meeting Held

集团总部     2012-02-28         

On Feb. 23rd and 24th, the Group held the second meeting on editing and releasing China Chengtong’s corporation social responsibility (CSR) report. The Group’s vice president Wang Bin, persons in charge of each department in the headquarter and persons in charge of related work in secondary companies, persons in charge of the department of related work and its staff amounting to 45 attended the meeting.

SASAC Research Bureau provided great support to this meeting and deputy chief Chen Feng delivered a speech entitled “CSR: central enterprise development report editing” as a professional training. His speech was divided into three parts, namely recognizing CSR, central enterprise CSR and CSR reporting, in which the CSR connotation and development, the achievements and problems in central enterprises’ SCR work, as well as the method of editing CSR reports were introduced.

The participants were divided into three groups to discuss the issues in the training instruction and the CSR report outline with considerations of the enterprises’ practical situation and share opinions about editing and releasing CSR reports. Participants thought highly of this training meeting, considering it valuable to the editing and releasing work. The training was considered instructive. It improved the understanding of corporation social responsibility. Participants expressed the wish to have trainings and guidance of similar form in strategic management and investment management in the future, and would give full support to SCR report editing and releasing, handing in materials of text, photo and video on time on requirement.

The development strategy center introduced the Group’s mechanism of CSR report editing and releasing, division and planning. It also appointed persons in charge of the work and defined a timetable for the work.

To orderly push forward the CSR report editing and releasing, the Group’s vice president raised three requirements as follows in the conclusion. First, all departments of headquarter and all secondary companies should promote CSR recognition. Leaders of all secondary companies should attach great attention to raise CSR recognition and appoint persons in charge to reinforce the promotion. Secondly, the secondary companies should present special features combining their specific situations, so as to fulfill the tasks with a good quality on time. Some secondary companies would be able to present their annual CSR reports or sustainable development reports in 2013. Thirdly, all secondary companies should perfect their mechanism and enhance their management capability. CSR editing should improve the inner management and help to establish the company’s image, and should not become a burden for enterprises. Editing and releasing CSR should be integrated into enterprise strategy and daily management, so as to benefit enterprise management and raise the management level.  


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