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The Group’s Chairman of Board Ma Zhengwu Met with secretary of Yueyang municipal Party Committee Huang Lanxiang

集团总部     2012-02-08         

On Feb. 7th, Chairman of board Ma Zhengwu met with the visiting group led by secretary of Yueyang municipal Party CommitteeHuang Lanxiang and deputy secretary of Yueyang municipal Party Committee Li Zhijian. The Group’s vice president Wang Bin, general manager of China Paper Tong Laiming and secretary of China Paper Party committee Hong Jun attended the meeting.

Ma welcomed Huang’s visit and expressed the appreciation of the local government’s help and support to China Chengtong’s affiliated enterprises in Yueyang. Ma said that as the platform of China’s listed paper industry companies, Yueyang Paper would play an important role in capital operation, production and management, and platform integration. The Group will develop new products, raise product additional values and reinforce measures to protect the environment and reduce discharges. He wished to be continuously supported by the local government.

Huang expressed the appreciation for Chengtong’s attribution to the economy in Yueyang and Hunan province after it held the controlling interest of Taige Group. He said, Yueyang Forest Paper made several innovative adjustments after reorganization. Its operation, corporate culture and staff’s enthusiasm have been considerably improved and businesses become more promising. He wished both to work hard together and speed up the implementation of all planning. Yueyang government will fully support China Chengtong and China Paper to launch projects in Yueyang.

General manager of China Paper Tong Laiming introduced the project planning in detail. Cooperation in port construction, logistics and coal business was also discussed, and will be implemented following the meeting.

Leaders of Taige Group and Yueyang Paper attended the meeting.

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