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The Group’s President Hong Shuikun Met with Guangdong Materials Group Corporation General Manager Luo Weiyu

集团总部     2012-03-01         

On March 29th, the Group’s president Hong Shuikun met with the visiting group led by the general manager of Guangdong Material Group Corporation and friendly changed views with Luo about accelerating and widening mutual cooperation.

Luo first expressed his appreciation for China Chengtong’s support and help. He also expressed the wish to expand intensive cooperation with China Chengtong.and introduced the “12366” strategic goals of Guangdong Materials Group Corperation in the twelfth five year plan, as well as three main measures of intensifying innovation, quickening “going-out” steps and enhancing cooperation with central enterprises to ensure the realization of the strategic goal. Luo said that both had profound historical origins, and Chengtong’s fast development in recent years created a broad space for mutual comprehensive cooperation. He wished that both Groups could extend their cooperation gradually to logistics, paper industry, capital goods trade, overseas business besides the present coal trade and establish a closer strategic relation to realize win-win cooperation.

Hong represented the Group to welcome Guo’s visit. He pointed out that China Chengtong was situated in a new development period. SASAC’s requirement on central enterprises to strive for world’s top-rank enterprises with international competitiveness brought great challenges and opportunities at the same time. When looking back, China Chengtong’s fast development in recent years benefited from the following factors. First, establishing the system of board of directors ensured the Group’s development on the correct road. Secondly, the pragmatic strategic studies played an important role to unite the common views about development and keep the development of all businesses with a proper rhythm and scale. Thirdly, Chengtong stuck to reform and put reform and adjustment on the prominent position. Fourthly, China Chengtong focused on the business it excelled at and effectively balanced the developing scale and the profits, so as to play an active role in central enterprise reorganization and national economic layout adjustment. One important strategy of China Chengtong is to enhance the cooperation with local companies. He wished a sincere cooperation and a joint development and prosperity.

In order to push forward the mutual cooperation, both sides reached an agreement on establishing working mechanism and defining detailed cooperative mode.

The Group’s vice president Li Yousheng, inspector general of operation and management center Li Ju, the Group’s president office director Zhu Xiaozheng, general manager of Chengtong Development Wang Hongxin, vice president of Zhongchu Development Stock Zhao Xiaohong, vice president of Chengtong International Zhou Liqun, vice general accountant of Chengtong Metal Yu Lijun and general manager assistant of Guangdong Goods and Materials Company Group Wang Jianping and general manager of Guangdong Provincial Fuel Company Huo Minyi attended the meeting.


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