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The Group’s 2012 Working Meeting Held in Beijing

集团总部     2012-01-12         

The Group’s 2012 working meeting, viz. the 4th meeting of the 1st session of staff representatives is held solemnly in Beijing. The meeting aims at studying the spirits of the economic working conference and the meetings of the persons in charge of central enterprises, motivating the Group’s leaders of all levels and the staff to make full efforts to realize the 12th five year plan targets on the requests of the Group’s board and Party committee, in order to meet the several requests on central enterprises with a leading role in stabilizing steady economic growth made by the central government and state council.

Chairman of the board of supervisors Niu Yuesheng, director of the 1st office Kong Jianguo, supervisor Wang Xiangxin, Zhou Jianhua, former cadre of National Trade Ministry Ding Junfa, former cadres of the Group Jia Hongsheng, Sun Zhenguo, Gu Xiangdong, Zhang Baozhen were invited to the meeting. Staff representatives from the Group’s headquarter, secondary enterprises, and the three-leveled enterprises within the budget adding up to 362 were present at the meeting. A joyful atmosphere of remarkable achievements accompanied the meeting, while all were seeking and planning a new development.

The Group’s chairman of the board, secretary of Party Committee Ma Zhengwu delivered a speech entitled “Fight for the Best”. He spoke highly of the splendid achievements in the past year, but also stressed the Group’s short slabs faced by the Group’s further development. With an entirely new perspective injected in the sections of self-evaluation, others’ evaluation and the new tasks, he objectively reviewed the current situation and tasks and raised a new developing path for the Group. The Group’s president, deputy secretary of Party committee Hong Shuikun summarized the work completed in 2011, analyzed profound contradictions and bottleneck problems that hindered the Group from scientific development and defined the main tasks in his annual working report entitled “To Realize Strategic Targets with Steadfast Faith and Active Implementation”.

The Group’s 4th meeting of the 1st session of the staff representatives opened on Jan. 9th. The 115 representatives reviewed the 2012 working report and the 2012 working arrangement. The representatives actively shared their opinions concerning intensifying the adjustment and reform, enhancing the management capability, establishing core values, forging staff of intelligence and safeguarding the staff’s legal rights.

On the morning of Jan. 10th, director of Reform Bureau of SASAC Bai Yingzi was invited to deliver a lecture on the theme of “New Situations and Tasks in Central Enterprises’ Reform”, introduced the general situation of central enterprise reform, and elaborated on the road, target and important tasks in the reform.

The chairman of the board of Zhongchu Development Stock C., Ltd. Han Tielin, general manager of China National Paper-Industry Investment Corporation, China Chengtong Metal (Group) Corporation, China Chengtong Assets Management Corporation Tong Laiming, Guo Cuiping, Zhang Binghua made speeches respectively, introduced the fruits of each enterprise in the last year and shared their experience that aroused resonance among the audience.

Individuals with excellent performance were awarded. The Group’s deputy secretary of Party committee Li Yaoqiang announced the decision to compliment the 9th award for Chengtong Stars. General manager of Nanyang Branch of Zhongchu Development Stock C., Ltd. Dong Xu, general consultant of China Chengtong Assets Management Corporation Wang Yonghai and five others were awarded with the title of the Chengtong Star. The awarded received the cups and flowers in the march and applaud. Also announced was the list of 2012 important contact enterprises.

Afterwards, Ma Zhengwu and Hong Shuikun signed the responsibility pledge for the achievement in 2012. Hong also represented the headquarter to sign with managers and secretaries of the Party committee of 11 secondary enterprises including China National Paper-Industry Investment Corporation, China Chengtong Metal (Group) Corporation, China Logistic Corporation, China Chengtong Hong Kong Co., Ltd., China Chengtong Assets Management Corporation, Chengtong Human Resources Company Ltd., Chengtong Human Resources Company Ltd., China Record Corporation (CRC), China Packaging Corporation, China Commercial Group Co. Ltd., and China International Enterprises Co-operative Corporation.

Late on Jan. 10th, the Group’s president Hong Shuikun presided over the New Year’s greeting party and made an ebullient address. Cadres and staff of Zhongchu Development Stock C., Ltd. presented brilliant performances for the audience. After the performance, the Group’s main cadres stepped on the stage and took photos with all the performers.

Reflections on Exiting Moments: Brilliant Achievements.

Despite the oscillation of international economics and complex and varied domestic competitions in 2011, the Group successfully adhered to the theme of scientific development and the principal of accelerating economic reform, and with the strategy of sticking to reform and its main businesses, with intensified organization and coordination, as well as good plans, the Group fully achieved the budget tasks and had a very good opening year for the 12th five year plan.

Ma spoke highly of the Group’s achievements in 2011 and commented on the some shining spots of the achievements, which he considered to be real good work.

Hong reviewed the main work in the past year in eight aspects, including strategic guidance, strengthened implementation, improvement of core capability, integrated resource and optimized structure, value oriented management, science and technology innovation, overseas market experience accumulation, as well as contribution to stable economic growth.

The operating revenue and assets scale made new records once again in 2011, topping 60bn yuan with 1.2bn yuan’s profit above quota. The producing and operating maintained a steady tendency for growth.

Judge the Situation, Hold the Orientation

It is only through judging the situation that the orientation can be defined. The meeting pointed out that the central economic working meeting of last December made an overall and profound analysis on the situation faced by 2012. In the meeting of persons in charge of central enterprises, SASAC demanded that central enterprises should be fully aware of the slowdown of global economic growth, the change in the global economic pattern, complex international politics, as well as the producing cost on the rise. Thus, the meeting required all the staff of the Group should be fully prepared for a difficult time. At the same time, in order to reach the targets of steady growth, the Group should respond actively to the nation’s policy of enlarging domestic demands and developing industry and manufacture.

In the New Year, the Group was called on to continue the scientific development with more determination and resolution.


With the Faith, for the Best

2012 is a transferring and an important year to achieve the “double 100bn” target. In 2012, the Group will also welcome its 20th anniversary. With the bell in the New Year, China Chengtong will stand before a new starting line. The Chengtongers are full of vigor and ambition to produce more brilliant fruits on the coming journey.

The Group is still faced with the double pressure of expanding and optimizing in 2012. The Group plans to achieve 71bn yuan revenue with 31% increase over 2011 and 7.68% increase over the completed. The profit is planned to reach 1.25bn yuan, 15.2% above 2011’s budget and 0.4% above the completed.

In order to achieve this target, the Group need to execute the following: 1)  focus on the long-term growth target; 2)strengthen the main businesses and newly invested businesses; 3)intensify the strategic management, cadre construction, as well as adjustment and innovation; 4) realize the low-profited enterprise management, operating control, social responsibility, as well as Party construction.

The meeting concluded that Chengtonger should set up their confidence on winning the battle in the difficult year to come and earning more room for further development. China Chengtong will take the mission endowed by the Party and the state, shoulder the expectation of dozens of thousand staff, make all efforts heading for the 12th five year plan target and present its more impressive answer sheet to the 18th CPC National Congress.


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