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The Group’s Anti-graft Meeting Held

集团总部     2012-02-02         

The Group held an anti-corruption meeting on Feb. 1st, which passed on the spirits stated in the 7th plenum of the 17th Central Commission for Disciplinary Inspection and in SASAC’s anti-corruption meeting and mapped out the anti-corruption work in 2012. The meeting is hosted by the Group’s chairman of the board and secretary of the Party committee Ma Zhengwu. Inspector Zhou Jianhua was present at the meeting. The Headquarter’s staff and leaders (including assistant leaders) of secondary enterprises in Beijing amounting to 130 attended the meeting.

The Group’s chairman Ma Zhengwu, president Hong Shuikun, deputy secretary of Party committee and secretary of discipline inspection Li Yaoqiang presented the spirits stated in the speech of SASAC’s secretary Wang Yong, vice minister of Supervision Hao Mingjin, SASAC secretary of discipline inspection Qiang Weidong in the anti-corruption meeting for central enterprises respectively.

Ma also reported SASAC’s feedback of China Chengtong’s five-discipline performance and required all levels of the Group to respond to the advice in the feedback.

Ma stressed several points in the meeting: 1) The group must study the spirits stated and enhance the recognition. Generally speaking, the Group’s anti-corruption work in recent years were good, but leaders of all levels should continue to be self-disciplined and make efforts to avoid family members and staff to pursue illegal personal benefits. 2) The responsibility system of anti-corruption should be implemented. So should be the five disciplines. The Group should stick to the principle of double responsibility and adhere to examination and punishment at once. 3) The Group should also build up a complete anti-corruption system, stressing not only relevant system settings, but also implementation and supervision. The inspecting group should be constructed and innovative system should be introduced to ensure the supervising department to play its role effectively.

The meeting requested the leaders and staff to implement the spirits stated in the anti-corruption meetings, so as to realize a healthy, steady and quick development with a good image and welcome the 18th Conference of the Party.

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