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The Group Signed Strategic Cooperation Contract with China Unicom

集团总部     2012-01-19         

On Jan. 18th, the Group and China Unicom signed a strategic cooperation contract in Beijing. The Group’s chairman of the board Ma Zhengwu, China Unicom’s general manager Lu Yimin attended the signing ceremony. The Group’s vice president Li Yousheng and China Unicom’s deputy manager Jiang Zhengxin represented each side to sign on the contract.

China Unicom is one of the top three telecommunication operators in China. It leads businesses, including the network facilities of national and international landlines, voice, data, image and other multimedia communication and information services, 3G mobile communication services and relevant value-added services, as well as internet related system integrity services such as broadband access and network security. The Group’s cooperation with China Unicom in informatization fields has a promising prospect. This contract will fully explore and take the advantages of both sides’ leading resources and will unfold further cooperation between the two in comprehensive communication services, logistics and manufacturing industry.

China Unicom’s general manager Lu Yimin said China Unicom will exert advantages in the mobile broadband network, actively deploy all sorts of resources, quicken the popularization of 3G related services and assist the informatization construction of Chengtong Group.

The Group’s Chairman of the board Ma said in his address that China Chengtong played a unique role in the recombination and integration of central enterprises in recent years. He also introduced that China Chengtong’s comprehensive logistics, forest paper pulp industry, culture publication demand a higher requirement on informatization. The strategic cooperation contract with China Unicom conforms to SASAC’s requirements over central enterprises’ resource integration, benefits both sides and achieves the fusion of logistic network and virtual network. China Chengtong will further detail its demands and accelerate launching concrete programs, in order to re-create the industry procedure and enhance the Group’s informatization in a full scale.

Before the signing ceremony, Ma also visited China Unicom’s flagship store and took interest in all sorts of fruits in enterprise applications. Both sides had a brief communication over the cooperative projects that had been started.

Leaders of relevant department of the headquarters and Beijing branch of China Unicom and persons in charge in the Group’s president office, operating center, Zhong Chu Development Stock Co. Ltd.,China National Paper-Industry Investment Corporation,China Chengtong Metal (Group) Corporation,China Commercial Group Co. Ltd., China Record Corporation, China Packaging Corporation were present at the signing ceremony.


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