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The Group Passes on and Implements the Spirit Stated in the Central Economic Working Conference and the Central Enterprises’ Persons in Charge Conference

集团总部     2011-12-23         

On Dec. 21st, the Group held a meeting to pass on the main points stated in the central economic working conference and the central enterprises’ persons in charge conference. The Group’s leaders and staff and the party and administrative persons in charge of secondary companies attended the meeting.

 The Group’s president Hong Shuikun passed on the main points made by President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao in the central economic working conference and by vice premier Zhang Dejiang in the central enterprises’ persons in charge conference, the report of secretary of SASAC and the concluding speech of vice secretary of SASAC Huang Shuhe.

Vice premier Zhang Dejiang spoke highly of the achievements made by central enterprises in 2011 and said that it realized a good start for the 12th five year plan. He emphasized that central enterprises should correctly understand the overall economic environments both at home and abroad next year, focus on the judgment made by the central government, implement the spirit stated in the central economic working conference, enhance the awareness of opportunities and unexpected developments, reinforce strategic planning, improve reacting capability and continuously improve the capability of scientific development of enterprises. It is necessary to intensively implement and stick to the scientific outlook on development, center the accelerating the transform of economic development, make the main business and the real economic outstanding, adhere to intensified reform and accelerate rearrangement of structure, focus more on encouraging creativity and quality profits, inner management and staff building, actively implement the “going-out” strategy and social responsibility, and make efforts to contribute to a healthy and sustainable development, in order to make sure a stable and quick development in the next year and to play a positive role in keeping social harmony.

Secretary Wang pointed out that central enterprises had made all efforts to push forward the transform of development, intensify the reform of enterprises, adjust the arrangement and structure, and consolidate management innovation, which had new effects. He also defined the important tasks for the next year. First, the enterprises should study the spirit stated in the central economic working conference and the sixth Plenum of the 17th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and implement the outline of the 12th five year plan for central enterprises. Secondly, the enterprises should maintain a stable development with a growth. Thirdly, the enterprises should emphasize on transforming and upgrading, lowering costs and raising profits, as well as controlling risk. Four strategies are to be insisted:1)to adhere to the main business and make it outstanding; 2) to adhere to innovative reform and improve the entire system; 3) to adhere to reinforced management; 4) to adhere to culture leading and brand establishing.

President Hong analyzed the impacts of domestic and foreign environments on the Group’s businesses and gave some requirements about reducing cost and increasing profits, implementing responsibilities, as well as strengthening building up the staff and the Party members. Hong concluded that to implement the spirits stated in the conferences, it is important to be confident faced with the new situations in order to push forward all kinds of work. Secondary companies should study the spirits of the conferences, and make plans to implement the spirits. The Group’s plans to implement the spirits of the conferences will be announced in the oncoming 2012 annual working conference.


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