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The Group’s President Hong Shuikun Meet with Member of the Standing Party Committee of Zhejian Province, Secretary of Party Committee of Ningbo Wang Huizhong and Ningbo’s Mayor Liu Qi

集团总部     2011-12-19         

On Dec. 12th, the Group’s President Hong Shuikun meet with member of the standing Party Committee of Zhejian province, secretary of Party Committee of Ningbo Wang Huizhong and Ningbo’s Mayor Liu Qi, and had an in depth communication with the visitors.

Secretary Wang introduced the economic and social development of Ningbo and pointed out that Ningbo is going deep in implementing the “Six Accelerating” Strategy. To speed up developing modern logistics is the most important task for Ningbo to improve the “three-in-one (sea, air and rail transportation)” logistic system, to push forward the development of marine economic, and to construct a modern and international port city. Ningbo’s development planning is closely related to the logistic business of Chengtong Group. Wang expressed the wish to push forward mutual cooperation with this communication.

The Group’s President Hong pointed out that Ningbo’s advantage to lead the economic development nationwide is more and more obvious. With its excellent industrial foundation, facilities and location, Ningbo enters a new era of transforming and upgrading. The prosperity of the modern logistic industry will doubtlessly provide great support to Ningbo’s development. As a state-owned enterprise, China Chengtong has its own characters and has its obvious advantages in logistics and circulation nationwide. The Group will integrate all sorts of its resources and take the business in Ningbo as a strategic importance, through actively participating in the reform and adjustment of the circulation of capital goods and the co-developing of the multi-functional producing and service center, which will cover storing, processing, trading and financing services and provide services to Zhejiang province, Yangtze Delta, and even the entire country, so as to turn Ningbo into a new concept and realize the win-win situation of the locality and the center enterprises.

Mayor Liu said that the cooperating project between Chengtong Group and the local enterprises of Ningbo was one of the most important agreements signed in China’s 1st marine economic investment affair. It matters greatly to the upgrading of Ningbo’s  industrial structure, the development of modern service industry and the improvement of complement services provided by local enterprises. All levels of the Ningbo government will make the best efforts to serve the project, actively create conditions for it, and push forward its implementation.

The Group’s vice president Wang Bin, general manager of metal department Guo Cuiping, general manager of Zhong Chu Development Stock Co. Ltd. Xiang Hong attended the meeting.

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