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The Accomplishment of the Study Program of “Reflections on China Chengtong’s Pilot Reform”

集团总部     2011-11-24         

On November 21st, the appraisal meeting of the study program entrusted to China National School of Administration “Reflections on the Pilot Reform of China Chengtong” was held at the institute. Director general of Reform Department of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council Bai Yingzi, the Group’s chairman of board Ma Zhengwu, president Hong Shuikun, deputy secretary of the Group’s Party Committee Li Yaoqiang, deputy president of China National School of Administration He Jiacheng attended this meeting. 

In order to accumulate the successful experience of establishing the board of state-owned sole cooperations and pilot projects of state-owned assets management, to identify the strategy of development and to realize a fast and healthy development, the Group entrusted China National School of Administration to carry out a study on the experience and developing strategy of China Chengtong’s pilot reform. China National School of Administration attached great importance to this study. Deputy director general Wei Liqun and He Jiacheng took charge of this study. Mainstay experts of CNSA participated in it, and presented their conclusions with one and half years’ intensified research.

Deputy director general of research office of China National School of Administration Du Zheng’ai introduced the investigated subject and its fruits. Director general of Reform Department of SASAC Bai Yingzi, director general of reorganization  department Li Bing, CNSA director of economic research Zhang Zhanbin, researcher Zhou Shaopeng, deputy researcher of ICBC City and Finance Research Institute Yi Qiulin spoke highly of this research after examination. The expert group approved of the sharpened purpose and insights of the research, considering it a help and guide to establish standards in state-owned board building and pilot reform of assets management. The appraisal experts agreed on the accomplishment of this study, and provided advice on the extension of the fruit of the study.

Ma expressed gratitude towards CNSA, and appreciated the work of the research group and the fruits they presented. He also pointed out that with the leading policy and the guide of SASAC, China Chengtong had made some achievements, and planed to continue pushing forward the construction of the board and the exploitation of assets management business during the 12th five year plan period. He wished to have further cooperation with CNSA that was invited to go on paying attention to China Chengtong.

He Jiacheng congratulated on the success of the research cooperation and approved of the results of the research. He also made advices on extending the research results, enriching research subjects and strengthening the application of research fruits.

Relevant staff of the Group and researchers of the program from CNSA attended the meeting.


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