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The Group’s Chairman of the Board Ma Zhengwu Present at the Opening Ceremony of Guanhua High-tech Special Paper Production Base Construction

集团总部     2011-11-23         

On November 18th, the nation’s largest special paper production base, Guanhua High-tech Special Paper Production Base supervised by China Paper held an grand opening ceremony for the construction in Donghaidao of Zhanjiang. 

Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of Communist Party of China and secretary of Party committee of Guangdong province Wang Yang, deputy secretary of Party committee of Guangdong province and acting governor of Guangdong province Zhu Xiaodan, leaders in relevant administrations of the government were present at the opening ceremony. The Group’s chairman of the board, Ma Zhengwu, deputy president Wang Bin, general manager of China Paper Tong Laiming, secretary of Party committee of China Paper Hong Jun, officials in Guangdong province, officials of the municipal Party committee, municipal government, municipal People’s congress, and municipal CPPCC of Zhenjiang, relevant officials of Zhanjiang government, Party committee and Administrative committee officials of central units in Zhanjiang, representatives of municipal financial institutes, shareholders of Guanhua High-tech, investors as well as general manager of Guanhua High-tech Huang Yangxu amounting to more than 800 people attended the opening ceremony. 

Tong Laiming presided over the ceremony. Ma Zhengwu introduced the development of Guanhua High-tech in his address to the guests, and pointed out that Guanhua High-tech had been dedicating to become a global leading producer of special paper. With strategic researches and investigations, Guanhua High-tech took the opportunity to reform the “three-old”, and synchronized its special paper development strategy to build the largest special paper production base in the world in Donghaidao. Secretary of Zhanjiang municipal committee Liu Xiaohua spoke highly of the important role of Guanhua High-tech in the municipal economic construction, and emphasized the significant function of the paper industry such as Guanhua High-tech special paper and coated paper in supporting the jump-over of Zhanjiang’s development.

Wang Yang, Zhu Xiaodan, Ma Zhengwu, Liu Xiaohua and acting major of Zhanjiang Wang Zhongbing pushed the bar together that marked the start of the project and that pushed the ceremony into the peak. The construction field was full of festival atmosphere when firecracker exploded, decorating smoke aloft, performance of ceremony on the stage, and digging and piling machines displayed to work.

The project of Guanhua High-tech special paper and coated paper production base is one the most significant projects planned and constructed in Zhanjiang development zone and an important project for the industry adjustment and upgrading in Gunagdong Province. It plans to invest a total of 7.6bn yuan and introduce the most advanced paper machine and coating machine, and expects to produce 750,000 tons of paper and coat 355, 000 tons of paper per year. With 8bn yuan output value, 700m yuan profit and 400m yuan tax, it hopes to contribute considerably to economy and society. This project will consolidate the leading statue of Guanhua High-tech’s leading role in special paper producing and contribute more to the world’s special paper industry.

Ma also made a special visit to the open-pit mine in Jintang district of Maoming and Yuexin Selected Mine Industry Co. Ltd. in Zhanjiang, and enquired into the processing procedure and market information of oil shale and Kaoline. He approved of the extension of Guanhua High-tech in exploiting businesses on the premise that it adhered to the main industry of paper production. Wang Bing, Tong Laiming and Huang Yangxu accompanied in the inspection.

On Nov. 19th, Ma Zhengwu and Wang Bin were present at the opening ceremony of Guanhao Cup, China Paper’s 2nd Badminton Competition, and announced the start of the game.


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