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The Group’s President Hong Shuikun attended the 10th China Annual Symposium of Logistics

集团总部     2011-11-14         

On November 12th, the Group’s president Hong Shuikun was present at the 10th China Annual Symposium of Logistics held in Changsha and gave a speech entitled “New Opportunities and Challenges of the Development of Logistic Industry”.

Hong introduced the upgrading transformation and innovation of China’s logistic industry through the aspects of target making, opportunities and challenges as well as responding strategies. With the dual functions of production and service, the modern logistics should strengthen the essential and leading role in the nation’s economic and social development, through actively catching strategic opportunities of updating, so as to be integrated in main economic channels, the world’s structure, the industrial chain, as well we the green economy.

Hong pointed out that the essential role played by logistics in social and economic development became more and more obvious, which was a fundamental shift. In order to cope with it, the logistic enterprises need upgrading reformations, and should take it as a concern for the development of nation’s economy and a responsibility to actively lead this transformation.

Supervising Departments of the government, representatives from research institutes, associations and consultancies of the logistic industry, logistic enterprises, as well as representatives from Germany, Japan, Singapore, Hongkong and Taiwan amounting to over a thousand people attended the Symposium.

The cases of “The Innovation of Financial Logistics of CMST Development Co. Ltd.” and “Exploitation of International Logistic New Roads” were awarded the “Prize for China’s Excellent Management of Logistics 2011”. The president of China Materials Storage & Transportation Association Jiang Chaofeng introduced the innovation of financial logistics of CMST Development Co. Ltd.


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