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The Group Seek Communication with China Telecom

The Group’s Headquarters     2011-10-28         

On Oct. 26th, the Group’s CEO Ma Zhengwu, vice president Li Yousheng made a visit to China Unicom for business investigation, and exchanged in depth ideas with China Unicom over cooperation of informatization.

Led by deputy general manager of China Unicom Jiang Zhengxin, the Group’s visitors looked around the Beijing Communication and Telecom Museum, and acquired more knowledge of a century’s telecom development of China and the achievements and applications of modern communication technology represented by the 3G technology. The Group showed strong interest in China Telecom’s recent application of mobile office and distant control for companies demonstrated during the visit, and also inquired in detail into the achievements in the storage and circulations of agricultural products. This visit helped to have an insightful understanding of the great contribution of modern communication technology to production and daily life.

After the visit, both had an in-depth communication. China Telecom introduced its development, main products and service. It also focused on the introduction of the professional application of overall solutions for companies with specific cases, and raised suggestions on the fields, in which it could intensify cooperation with China Chengtong. The Group introduced the general plan for informatization in the 12th five year plan period, as well as the status quo and plans of informatization construction in comprehensive logistic service and forest production. Both exchanged an initial possibility of cooperating fields.

Ma emphasized that China Telecom and China Chengtong had great potentials in in-depth cooperation, since both were supervised by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and had excellent cooperation over the years. At present, China Chengtong is pushing forward the 12th-five-year informatizaiton plan. He expected a working mechanism for strategy cooperation, in which intensified mutual understanding and smooth communication were required. He also expressed the wish to obtain China Telecom’s support in reducing the cost of the Group, elevating informatization stardard, as well as optimizing procedures. He suggested that the two could develop the internet of things together, including logistics, capital goods trade, agricultural product circulation and electronic commerce, enhancing the enterprises’ service and management and enabling information resources to bring value to the enterprises.

Deputy general manager of China Telecom Jiang said this meeting was a good start and China Telecom would set up a working mechanism and name persons in charge to push forward the cooperation. China Telecom would integrate its resources, actively provide upgrade service, promote business development of both sides, and optimize resources distribution and arrangement, in order to gain a win-win situation, and serve as a model for cooperation between central enterprises.

Leaders of Group Customer Service Department of China Telecom’s headquarter, Beijing Branch, persons in charge in relevant department of the Group’s headquarters and secondary companies were at present.

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